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I am...Monica Odom!


Hey, family! 

I’m Monica, but you can call me Mon, because that’s what my family calls me.  I’m a Mississippi State graduate, Budget Analyst for the Air Force, Air Force spouse, and mother of 4 who is currently living across the Pacific in Misawa, Japan.  Princess and I have known each other since college, but I can genuinely say that Spirit led us to each other across the past year or so to become real friends.  Not the kind that you get into surface level conversations with, but those that you share the good, the bad, and the ugly with.  She saw fit to share her platform with lil ole me, and pray that you walk away from each minute with a bit more confidence in your daily walk.  Now that’s not to say that it’s all love and light over.  We might get convicted sometimes, as no one is perfect, and we all have room to improve.  That being said, my interests are all over the place, so this won’t be a one note column. Some days we may talk about marriage, other days parenting, or potentially a phrase or quote I come across that I feel needs to be shared.  Either way welcome to my corner of the internet. Pull up a seat and take a load off for a minute.  

You can connect with Monica on Instagram @prettyladyo24 

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