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Getting Comfortable In This New Skin

I hate clothes shopping. It's the absolute worst. Going in the store, figuring out what I like, trying it on. Just ugh. It's even more of pain when something looks good on the mannequin, but then I try it on, and

Ok, it's not that bad, but you know what I mean.

Life's kinda like that, too. We see all these people with the fancy "outfits" and think 'hmmm...I should try that on.' So we start the blog, or the business, the podcast, etc..., and it doesn't quite fit. That doesn't mean we quit trying things on though.

It may take a minute before we figure out what speaks to who we truly are. When you haven't been standing in your own power, it's hard to know what that looks and feels like. It's also intimidating when you see other people doing it. Imposter syndrome is a thing for a reason. I get caught up sometimes.

Should I change how I word this?

Should I be posting more?


But then I remember that what they are wearing isn't meant for me. Otherwise it would fit.

Michelle and I have talked about this before. As we shed our old skin, we don't really know how to feel. The new skin is foreign. We are uncomfortable. So much so that oftentimes we want that old thing back.

Living out loud is never easy. Being honest about who you are and what your soul desires is hard as fuck. And yet here we are. Here you are. Doing it. Daily. Trusting that one day you will be at ease, and ready to shed yet again, because the process of evolution is on going. We grow and go higher.

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