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Grateful for Discernment

A multitude of things have come up for me this week. I'm grateful for silence, community, affection, understanding. All week I've been trying to force a topic because "there are so many things to be grateful for." So I went back and forth about what to write about, and then discernment came up. I decided against it. And tonight I'm grateful for that ability. Forcing is a side effect of people pleasing. Not wanting to disappoint. Feeling obligated to do this. Completely ignoring what my body and spirit are telling me I need. I'm shedding those parts though.

This blog is for me to share as things come up, so I ebb and flow as needed. Tonight is an ebb. Like the tide going out, some times I'm left with nothing to say. So why force the words if they don't want to come? Again like the tide, they will come and beat against the shores of this screen. Allowing me to bare my soul, and continue to share the journey of acknowledging the Mon I want to be in this moment in time, while also eagerly anticipating the changes necessary to become the Mon of tomorrow's reality.

Love you guys!

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