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Intentional Care

As most of you know, I'm home for a family emergency. Continued prayers and positive thoughts requested and all those that have been sent are appreciated.

As with any trip, I'm out of my routine. My gym time, meditation time, quiet time has all been turned on its head. The energy of someone else's house. Not having my things and my space (my gym and gym family) have all thrown me for a loop. If you know me, you know I live and die by my routines. It hasn't even been a week, but I felt a shift in my energy, and it wasn't a positive one.

Then I remembered that a place doesn't determine who I am and how I maintain my set level of self care. I adjust. I pivot. I continue to do what I have lined out for my mental health. I may have to alter the timing of those things, but I still make them happen because that's what I need across the board. Mentally, physically, emotionally.

What about you? How do you prioritize your routine when on vacation or simply away from your typical daily things?

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