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Protecting Your Peace all costs.

At the end of our IG lives, Michelle always reminds us to protect our peace. But what does that look like? When your internal world is calm and collected, but external world is an effing rave...

It isn't easy to up and walk away from some people and situations. What do you do to keep from losing your shit?

This is one of those practices that is going to be specific to you. What works for one won't work for another. But what we can all agree on it that your peace is priority.

This week I'm sharing a few of mine:

Music: There is nothing like music to bring me back to myself. A dope playlist will soothe the savage beast, because 'when I get mad, I get big mad.' One of my boos on IG @atiyabloom created a Spotify playlist called Soul Retrieval. I'll share the link. This playlist...yall. There are songs with affirmations that remind you of just how powerful you are and how to step in the power!

Exercise: If you follow me on social media, then you know I try to get my workouts in Monday through Friday. I'm up and ready to go...most days. Imma thug in the gym. LOL The sweat, the music (see above), the energy. All of it keeps me sane. I miss a day, and I can tell.

Reading: This is one that I reignited recently. When I started having kids, most of my reading was kid books. It's a horrible habit to develop, but I put my love of reading on the backburner, because it wasn't "important". In 2022, I realized that my hobbies are important, and I need to make time for them. Typically it's after my workout.

Alone Time: This one is tricky. Especially as a mother and wife. Sometimes the life I've been blessed with is a bit overwhelming. Yes, blessings can be overwhelming. All the needs and wants can be too much, and in those moments, I try to find a quiet space in my house to decompress. This time is where I can usually get my previous three done. I wake up before the rest of my house, hit the gym, and come home to meditate and read. (All while my music plays.)

So tell me, how do you protect your peace? What things have you put in place when the world gets a little or a lot hectic? And if you don't have things in place, what's stopping you?

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