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It's the Sweet One!

I don't like Dr. Pepper, but it fits. *Oprah shrug*

The world can be cruel, so why do we feel the need to add to it? From comments we post to the things we share, there is an underlying vibration that isn't always rooted in love. Last week on #coffeeandcocktails Hovedo mentioned the deeply ingrained tit for tat mindset that

many of us go back to when we've been wronged. It's such a knee-jerk reaction that most of us don't even realize we are doing it. We live and die by 'Who gone check me, boo?'

Truth is, you should.

Ya'll know the song...

*I had entire thing written and WIX didn't save it. I guess that was just some medicine for me.*

Sweetness. It's become a mantra of mine. A focal point for my day. Every morning as I am getting dressed I repeat "As I am sweet, the world is sweet to me." Or "May the sweetness I send out come back to me." Do I hit the mark every day all day? Hell no. But I make a conscious effort to remember that hostility is met with hostility and that irritation typically breeds more irritation. Not to mention, I just prefer to be handled sweetly.

We never know what the next person is going through. We be fools to believe that we are the only ones dealing with shit on a day to day basis. So why not pour a little sugar on our day to day interactions?

As we continue a dive into love, try sprinkling a little sweetness throughout your day and see what happens.

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Feb 07, 2022

Life is rough enough. Keep it sweet and cute!

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