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Identify Yourself

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. II CORINTHIANS 5:17

We hold many titles: mom, wife, sister, coworker, educator, friend . . . but—spoiler alert—even though these may be the roles you possess (and you probably hear “Mom” the most!), they aren’t what make you, you. It’s true, that God has put you where you are to have these titles, but He doesn’t want you to be defined by them and I personally struggle to live outside of these roles.

But your true identity is found in and through Him—it’s found in being a child of God. Yes, you have several roles on this earth—one of which is to be a mom, and what a gift that is! But that isn’t where your true worth lies.

Sometimes it feels as if being a mother is our everything—it takes over our thoughts, time, and hearts. So it’s easy to start believing that being “Mom” defines our entire existence. Sometimes we find ourselves so deep into the mom zone that we forget we had lives before kids arrived. But the truth is we are multifaceted individuals, created uniquely by God with inherent strengths, talents, and purposes that extend far beyond what we can currently imagine.

Today I am working to remember that I am a person outside of my titles. I am calling on myself to live and enjoy the life that I have been blessed with. Remembering who I am outside of being a mom? I remember the younger me and what she loved to do? What brought her joy? I will no longer place my identity in what I do or  whose mom/wife/employee I am. I’ve lost myself before and forgotten "whose" I am too often. Now I am learning to lean on God, and know... that He is holding me in His mighty hands.

Sis, think of all the titles you hold. Did you ever consider one of them to be a “daughter of the King”? He made you unique—just the way you are. Take a step back and remember all that He’s made you great at. Remember the younger you—including what brought you joy. Today, step back and refocus. Put “child of God” first on your list of titles and let the rest flow from there. Identify yourself! Affirm who you are!

I am a daughter of the King…

I am MichelleRena!

Who are you?

Love you 😘

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