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Hidden Gems

The past 24 hours have been insanely busy end to one of the wildest/roller coaster weeks in a long time…

From Girl Scouts bridging ceremonies and end of the year celebrations to the finale of Moana Jr the Musical last night in opposite ends of the county, to an early morning airport run…final soccer game and end of the season celebration all before noon …grocery shopping and 16th birthday hair appointments and last minute gift pick ups…

I still managed to find a few minutes to steal away for myself to just be one with nature and discovered this deeply hidden gem in the wooded area of a park.

So beautiful and peaceful...

I took a moment to pray and take it all in with gratitude.

Although I am dog tired, I wouldn’t give up making these core memories with my babies for anything in the world, I wouldn’t give up advocating everyday on their behalf and seeing them accomplish goals that others believe they can’t.

I will always be their biggest advocate and loudest supporter!

My girls, my world! 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽

What are you doing for yourself today?



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Beautiful! Hang in there. God almighty got you!!!!

Replying to

Thanks Ms. Linda! He has been keeping me and I an grateful for love and mercy!

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