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Summer, Summer, SummerTime

Ok, I know I can serious over here, because life is fucking serious, but can I get real with you today? I'm tired. I am talking dog ass tired. And not in the sense of sleepiness, because I don't need much of that. I'm talking about being tired of the day to day grind. This move combined with the kids finishing school and me wrapping up my job plus dealing with all the emotions behind leaving a place that has truly helped me find myself got me like...

I'm ready to frolic, preferably at my mama's house, so I can parent as minimally as possible.

I'm ready for all the shenanigans that come with being home with my family.

I'm ready for my trip to Belize with my girlfriends.

I'm ready to spend some unchaotic, or maybe intentionally chaotic, time with my husband.

I'm ready for the freedom and carefree living that will come once we pass this hurdle. I'm ready for summer. So if you happen to catch me out in the streets, join me.

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