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My Intentions

My intentions were from a place of love because I could see all that you could become. I knew it sounded hyper critical but because I love you I kept coming back to point out what I saw as places of improvement, not realizing that all you saw was someone who "loved" you not letting you be yourself in the present moment. My intentions were to help you, especially when I saw a need, not aware of the fact that all you needed was a listening ear. Not a savior or Miss Fix It. But I was blind to that. Was it conscious or unconscious? Who knows...Maybe I was feeding an inner need to feel wanted, needed, worthy. But what I could see was the problem that needed solving. Not the person that needed to be held, comforted, seen. But I see now, what they mean when they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Because hell is what happens when they pull away. When you are no longer that person for them. So we love and miss from afar. Hoping that we are able to revamp our intentions to no longer want to better or improve, but to open our eyes to who people truly are.

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