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If I chose to fly

What would happen if I chose to fly

Would I be scared as the ground got farther and farther away

Or would I feel free

Light as a feather


No longer carrying the burdens

Self imposed or otherwise

Would my viewpoint change

Realizing how small and insignificant some of my biggest concerns are

To fly is to realize life is meant to be lived

To know that if we keep going

We will eventually be out of the storm

If I were to fly, would you then see me

Would I then be special

Be worthy

Or would my drab wings not impress you

Would you have expected more from someone who dared to leave the ground

Would these things matter to me

Would I care

Should I

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I chose to fly and to teach others as well!

Replying to

I think that's the biggest takeaway. Once you master flying, you have to come back down to teach others. Some can pick it up just from watching, but others will need hands on training.

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