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Prayer of Protection

We often pray for protection from the dangers seen and unseen. But what if the danger is us? Sometimes we unknowingly, and knowingly, sabotage ourselves by reverting back to old patterns of limited beliefs, lack mindset, and simply doubting the Divine plan for our lives. It isn't always some external force blocking our path.

Unfortunately...yes, sometimes it's us. We try to keep living a new life using old tools, and God has to step in

It isn't always immediate though. Occasionally we wander aimlessly. Engaging in the same tactics expecting different results, and then have the nerve to want to cry 'woe is me' like we didn't create the chaos.

We are co-creating with the Divine, and in order to do so, we have to be honest about how we drill holes in our own boat.

How many times have you not applied for a job because you 'weren't qualify'?

How many times are you gone back to a toxic relationship because "we've been together for so long" or "we've been friends since 3rd grade'?

How many times have you eaten or drank something knowing you have a fitness goal to reach? (That was for me. Ouch)

Bought that thing knowing that the money was put away for something else?

The next time you pray for protection and things start to shift in unexpected ways, just know that there is a plan in place that you may not be privy to. And sometimes that's for the best, because as we both know, we'd mess it up.

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1 Comment

Apr 05, 2022

Ummmm ouch! Just call me out then.

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