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Allow me to reintroduce myself

Updated: Dec 10, 2021


I've missed you guys so much! As you can tell, I am no good at scheduling posts. It just ain't in me, yall. Michelle has been holding it down!! She's a rock star as we all know. (Love you, boo!)

So, family...

If you follow me on IG or FB, then you know over the past two weeks, I've been out of pocket. Thanksgiving week, we were in Tokyo with the kids. I didn't share many photos on IG, but we had a blast. DisneySea, Disneyland Tokyo, Legoland, teamLabs Borderless.

The second week I was in Hawaii. For work. Alone.

Alone. Like solo. Unaccompanied. No husband. No kids. Just me. Well and my boss for the first part of the week. I almost didn't go, but a girlfriend talked some sense into me. I haven't been on a solo trip since I went home for my grandmother's funeral in 2018. 10/10 highly recommend it. Momcation are now a thing. Get with it!

I spent time with a friend who recently moved there from Japan, made some major work connections, went to the beach, ate good, and spent way too much money. (Hey, Target!😘) Of course, I brought my journal, some oracle cards, and a few books. I also watched three Christmas movies.

I had some time to think about what's happened over the past few years and where I'm headed. I talked about it a bit on IG. It's not too late, and the dream is not too big.

As a kid, I had major aspirations. I'm talking huge! But at some point, not sure when or what happened, they felt too grandiose for a little girl from Silver Creek, Mississippi. I didn't have time to work on them. Or I didn't have the connections to make it happen. As time went on, I felt like it was too late. 3 kids. 10 years out of the work force. I would be starting over. I kinda resigned myself to what was happening to me. Such a mind fuck, right? Then as I begin to shift my beliefs around my own self worth, I realized that things were happening for me. Chance encounters with people. Encouraging words from strangers. People pouring into my life and seeing me when I couldn't see myself. God showing up and showing out regularly. My light started to shine again. On this trip, I remembered who I am. A force to be reckoned with. A Powerhouse. Who I always was is still here, just with a few more lessons under my belt. I was built for the life that I've been given even though it doesn't always feel like it.

So don't be afraid to steal away, and get some alone time for yourself. Life will be there when you get back, trust me. My momcation was just what the doctor ordered.

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