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2022 Reflections

Hey, fam!!! It's been too damn long. Yeah, I know. I'm the one that controls that. I've been in Germany for almost 5 months, and let's just say the adjustment is real.

Anyway, as we prepare to step into 2023, reflection is a thing. (When am I not reflecting?) What did I learn from 2022? What/Who will I take with me and what/who can I release with love? What habits no longer serve the person I am becoming, and what steps can I take to break those habits in the new year? Or if everything is going great, how do I keep the momentum going and share this goodness with my community?

How do I grow in peace and love? How does fun and joy show up in my life, and how can I cultivate more of that?

So many things to think about, and yet, rest and replenishment remain the star of the show. Because keeping my cup full is how I'm able to continue the work of filling others.

This year I want to share some of the nudges that I've gotten in 2022, most of which weren't publicly shared. I guess it wasn't time.

No deep dive into what was going on at the time, because if truth be told, I probably don't remember. I desire to feel the feeling and move on. Not stew on it as I would do previously. Feelings are important but we can't wallow.

Here we go:

Do I believe, in my gut, that good things are meant to happen for me?

The scariest thing I've ever done is love myself.

Changing how you show up in the world is a process, and the people closest to you may not recognize you. And that's ok. Those that are meant to go on with you will, and those that won't can be released in love knowing they have gone as far as they were meant to.

Potential only matters when someone acts on it.

It may not show up how you imagined but be open to it.

You have always been love and love has always been you.


I hate the way this pen writes. Why continue to use a tool that doesn't work for you?

Chaos is just divine rearranging.

You have to show up for the life you want.

When I ask my Spirit Team for guidance, they send me you

When I ask them to show me what love is, they send me you

When I need a way out of the darkness, they send me you

No matter how I'm feeling

No matter the ups and downs

They always send me you

It's hard to heal from something you don't acknowledge.

As the year comes to a close, we are reminded that we have the power to change the trajectory of our lives, but we must be willing to do the work. Is it easy? Hell no. But we are always worth it!

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Linda J. M. Holloway
Linda J. M. Holloway

Wonderfully said!



Powerful friend! We both learned and experienced a lot in 2022! I’m grateful for all that I learned and will learn. Love you 😘 proud of you 😍

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