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Pixie Dust

About a week ago, I started reading Professional Troublemaker by Luvvie Ajayi Jones also know as Luvvie on Social Media. (Look her up. Seriously.)

I made the decision to start reading again last month. Partly because i am still waking up between 330 and 0400, and also because I have added quite a few books to my library over the past 3 years

I bought this book last May, and am just now getting around to reading it. Divine timing is a thing because this book is speaking to my soul.

...and I'm just on chapter 3.

From being considered too much to excessive humility, Luvvie is coming in swinging with the turn of each page.

This is a very serendipitous time in my life. Since 2019, things have been happening for me simply because I've decided to trust my magic, my God-given fabulousness!!

And what I'm loving about this book is that she makes no excuse for who she is, and wants you to stop doing it too.

She is the girlfriend that is in the background screaming Yasssss at whenever you let your light shine, and we all need those.

There have been tears simply because I remember when I once felt that believing I belong in certain spaces felt egoic. And ego is frowned upon where I'm from.

'You getting too big for your britches.'

'She think she all that.'

'Who do you think you are?'

Now I know that the magic that is me, is just I don't have to force it. It's just there. Even when I try to hide it, circumstance pushes into spaces that I would otherwise shy away from.

The love I share. The space I take up. The good I do. The boss I am. That magic is what makes me Mon.

And you've got that same magic. You've just got to be reminded of it. And after a lifetime of being told to tone it down, it's not easy. But to quote Luvvie, 'You're made of pixie dust. They just don't know what to do with it.'

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