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Reassessing Your "Why"

So many times we find ourselves in spaces that no longer move us, but how often to we ask whether we are still motivated to do the things we do day to day?

Why did we choose this profession?

Why did we choose this person?

Why did we choose this location?

Why did we choose this life?

Or better yet...

Why am I not moving forward with my goals?

Why am I not following my passions?

Why am I not listening to my gut when it comes to my choices?

We get so caught up in doing the right thing according to society's standards, our parents' standards, our peer group's standards, that we don't take the time to see if "present" us still aligns with what "past" us wanted.

This takes a lot of deep diving into our belief structures, which for most of us have changed over the years. What you may find is that you want more, or in some cases, you realize that less would make you happier.

Taking the time to uncover what we want now is a huge undertaking. In the process, we are allowed to grieve the life we thought we wanted, while also being excited about taking steps in a new direction.

Step off the hamster wheel for a bit, and self-reflect. If your life isn't lighting you up the way it use to, be courageous enough to take the steps to change it. And if it is, express gratitude for it everyday, because a lot of people are striving for what you have.

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