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The Unraveling: Relationships

Told you. LOL This topic can go down so many roads, so let's take a walk, shall we?

What if the unraveling is happening in your relationships? You've noticed that you don't have as much time as you use to, and maybe your friends do. Or it's opposite, people have other priorities, and now you feel neglected. Like the saying goes, we make time for what we want. We have to remember that what we want can change.

We get nostalgic without really considering that we aren't the people we were at 18 or 28. So you go hang out with or talk to those friends, and find that all you have in common is the past. Not saying that there isn't a place for reminiscing, but life experiences, such as kids, relocation, divorce, and death, definitely cause a shift in perspective.

But what about marriage? We said 'Til death do us part', right? What if the death isn't a physical one? What if the dreams for the future change? What if they develop habits that you can't compromise on? Values and beliefs shift. Basically the person you married is dead, and before you stands a stranger, and now you have to decide whether to stay. Staying married for decades requires a certain level of dedication, because once again, shit happens.

Business partners. Parent/child dynamics. They are shapeshifting. For better or worse. Daily. It's scary to see what you thought was consistent, slowly bend into something completely foreign to you, forcing your life in a new direction.

All relationships go through changes. The peaks and the valleys. And as you unravel individually, they unravel as well. There is growth in learning to walk with this 'new' person, but there is also growth in knowing that staying won't work.

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