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The beauty of no

I'm the type of person that feels I should be doing something. Idle hands and whatnot, but what I'm coming to learn is there is no point in doing shit that I don't want to do. Why do I insist on being busy doing things for other people?

You know how at the end of the day you are completely done, but can't figure out why because you feel like you accomplished nothing? Yeah, for me is usually because my day was filled with doing shit for other people.

When I fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day, I want it to be because I burned the majority my energy doing things that I wanted to say YES to. Now as a mother, wife, and employee, this ain't always possible, of course, but every day I make a conscious decision to choose me in a way that is for everyone's benefit. My walks, bath soaks, jam sessions to songs that I want to hear. Taking time to write or read. Baking cookies for my crew. Checking things off my to do list. Having a balance of what the world needs of you and how you keep your needs in the forefront is crucial to surviving today's climate. Not to mention being in a good mood tends to rub off on every one we come in contact with.

Mental health has been brought front and center, and burning ourselves up to keep others warm, well... stop!

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1 Comment

Apr 22, 2021

Yassss, yessss, YESSSSSS!!! Pass the collection plate Monica!

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