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It's the Forgiveness for ME!!!

Forgiveness has been on my mind this week. Yeah, I know we talk about forgiving others, but I ain't worried about them.

I'm talking about forgiving yourself. "For what though, Mon?"

  • For all the times you said yes, when you meant no

  • For all the times you let fear stop you

  • For all the times you put your goals on the backburner

  • For all the times you made your needs unimportant

  • For all the times you were able to see the light in others, but not in yourself

  • For all the times you were your biggest critic

  • For all the times you thought you were unlovable, unworthy, incompetent, insignificant, too broken, too damaged, imperfect, too ugly both inside and out.

And the list goes on and on and on. Those things you think when you're alone in the dark. You know the voice. The one that is so loud in the silence that you try to find anything to drown it out.

Put look here, we are healing, right? And with Divine backup, fixing what we see as broke.

So say it...out loud. "I forgive you "State your Name". You were trying to protect me in the only way you knew how. Maybe you thought if you could beat them to it, it would hurt less. Maybe you thought the disappointment of failure would break me. Maybe you were afraid they were right all along. We don't have to do that anymore. When things get hard, we've got family now. People who see us for who we truly are, not who they need us to be. People who hold us up when we need support. Who encourage us to keep going when we want to turn back. You can lay down the need to always be the strong one. Breathe. It's okay to take the mask off. It's ok to chase your dreams. You are safe here. You are loved here."

There are always going to be naysayers and people who don't believe in you. Today's the day you forgive yourself for being one of those people.

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