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Don't forget to change the water

If you love fresh flowers, you know you have to change the water from time to time if you want them to last. Otherwise mold will start to grow, and that's just disgusting. But how often do you change your water? How often do you allow yourself to experience something new? A new book? A new location? A new perspective? Hell, a new musician? Staying in one spot both physically and mentally can hamper our growth as individuals.

Each person has a tailor made walk in life, and as we share our stories, we allow others to see life from a different point of view. As a black woman raised in the Bible Belt, my thoughts about life have changed drastically as I move to various locations all over the world. I never thought in a million years that I would live in Alaska, let alone Japan. The funny thing is though, I never planned to stay in Mississippi in the first place. My plan in high school was to shake the dust of Lawrence County off my feet and head to Cali to go to college near my uncle. *Alexa play California Love*

Well it didn't happen exactly as I had planned, especially since I basically gave up on the dream of leaving after my brother was born, but relocating found its way into my life in other ways. The exposure I've experienced living this military family lifestyle has opened my eyes to a lot of my own views that were suppress in order to be more palatable to those around me. The thing is though, when we dilute ourselves for others, we miss out on all the things that life has to offer specifically us. My thoughts about family dynamics, religion, politics, pretty much everything has been placed under the microscope. For the most part no subject has been untouchable...which is kinda scary.

So take some time to see if you are stagnant in life because you refuse to be open to a different point of view. I'm not saying be swayed by any idea that's thrown your way, but maybe the belief constructs that you have don't align with who you are currently. It may be time to change your water.

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