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Vision in 2023

"Hey, big head!" *me talking to myself* 2023 feels flirty.

I have never done a vision board. It only recently became a blip on my radar within the last 5 years. (Change the environment and you change the thing, I guess.)

However, it was placed on my heart during meditation a few days before Christmas. It came up again last week. So, being obedient, I sat down and made a list of what I want to see bloom in 2023. Then I found the photos or clip art that spoke to the feelings those things sparked within me.

Most of these seem pretty basic, but with the growth I've experience, going back to the basics makes sense. What I want hasn't changed, but how I want it to show up has.

I typically don't set resolutions because the 1st of the year doesn't hold that kind of weight for me. I change, pivot, and adapt daily, but accountability is a thing. I've made it the wallpaper on my phone. Ain't no running. LOL

What about you? Are vision boards your thing? Is it a living document based on how the year is going, or is it set in stone?

Here's mine.

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