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Before I even begin, let me address the elephant in the room. You all hadn’t heard from me since September 2023! I know, I know! Trust me I have wanted to blog but what started out as I want to keep you updated turned into I have let too much time pass and manifested into I can’t even cover all of the ground I have missed. For a person like me with severe anxiety and depression, when it starts to feel overwhelming it is just easier to retreat rather than to just start again. Sigh…

So here’s the deal, I am not going to retreat from this space. This is my space. A space that I have curated for women like myself and Mon and so many others to feel seen. At my own pace, I will begin interviews again and highlighting others and their journeys but for now I will use this safe space to share my restoration journey.

Every day I work to ensure that little Michelle feels safe, seen, and protected. By protecting her, I can adequately protect and prepare my own children. There are some battles that my children face that I never did so I have to call on a supernatural power to protect and navigate through it all. In the journey, I feel like I lost my posture of worship and instead adopted a posture of worry. But today God…🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I’m fighting for my peace, my mental and physical health, and restoring my posture of praise!

Lord, I pray that you will restore my heart of worship today. There have been so many times I have allowed my worldly worries and situation set the tone of my worship, but today helped me to change that, and may my worship set the tone of my response to the situational problems of my life. As David says, the Kingdom is yours and you rule over all, come and reign over my life in Jesus name, Amen. 🙌🏽

I missed you all! I hope you’ve been well and if not I hope you are doing what you need to do to become well! 😘

I love you 😘



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