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All the Glory Belongs to God

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. I CORINTHIANS 15:57 ESV

In a sporting event, only one team wins and celebrates the victory; the other team heads home, disappointed. In our lifetime, we will get the chance to celebrate many victories, such as when we get that driver’s license, nail that recipe, and even when we find that bargain at the store. . . . But who gets the credit?

Victory??? I got that! (Cue me and the Glittergang’s morning hype song!)

When you have these victories (however tiny or minor they may seem), try and remember to thank God for eliminating the roadblocks, guiding you to success, and opening the right doors at the right time. God wants us to have victories in Him. Like how parents celebrate their children’s victories—a first step, an A on a report card—God celebrates our victories too. When we get to the finish line and the crowd cheers, what’s next? After a quick win and excitement, what happens after? When we strive to get ahead further and further . . . then what? Where is the ceiling? What are we striving for? What are we trying to obtain or accomplish? Is it a title, money, status, acceptance. . . ?

In today's world, it's quite easy to lose focus on what brings us true success, we instead, start striving for power, money, or status. It’s always good to take a step back and realize that all we’ve been given (even that bargain at the store) comes from God. While we get to celebrate it, the victories are not ours alone. They have and will always belong to God.

As I begin to focus on what I really desire for my life, I learn that peace is my ultimate goal. I know that in attaining peace I had to drill down deeper to what that looks like and understand that my peace and the victories that will come as I seek to attain that peace won’t look like success to some but my goal is neither power nor money. Knowing that God is at the helm guiding my journey allows me to see the victory every step of the way.

What are you striving for in life? Take a look at your victories. What victory do you wish to accomplish? Power doesn’t equal happiness, and neither does money. Isn’t it better to work and act humbly? God longs to celebrate your victories with you, so remember to thank Him and give Him the credit He is due. He holds the universe together, and He paves the way for you. The next time you cross that finish line, think of how you got there. What steps did He prepare for you? And to whom will you give the credit?

Cue one of my favorite praise and worship songs!! 🙌🏽

Thank you God, all the glory belongs to you! 🙌🏽



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