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Meet Yarnell Williams-Long, CEO of EEMC Consulting, LLC

I love that social media helps to connect people who otherwise might not ever get the chance to get to know one another. My timeline is filled with so many dope Black women and I am so excited to introduce you all to Yarnell Williams-Long. Yarnell is the CEO of EEMC Consulting, LLC and a major addition to our listing of Dope Black Women.

A native of Pahokee, FL "Nell" as she is known to many is an educator in every sense of the word. Her passion for education has helped to develop a love for teaching others to be fully covered.

Yarnell Williams-Long is a prominent educator and CEO of EEMCCONSULTING and managing digital content through Google certification. She believes her years of working with families are an ideal foundation for her work as a Financial Advisor.

Yarnell’s attention to detail, good listening skills and great empathy are symbols of her appreciation by her clients. Yarnell is effectively supported by a team of administration, group benefits and investment products specialist whose teamwork and professionalism help her build long-term relationships with her growing client base and provide excellent customer service. As a financial advisor, She is dedicated to learning about your personal goals. Together she will use them to build a financial security plan focused on your specific needs. Yarnell is happily married to her lovely husband and has three children and two grandchildren. Away from business, she enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family . Yarnell’s motto is making sure every family is covered one family at a time!

Since 2008, Nell has been a renowned educator with the Palm Beach County School District while simultaneously providing professional consulting educational services to clients from Palm Beach County and beyond. From strategic educational planning to innovative financial solutions, her focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship to make sure families are covered in every since of the word. She has worked with individuals to create customized plans of action for families, and organizations, with a focus on Life Insurance, investments, business credit and Small business start-up.

Nell has created a platform that allows individuals to learn, share, and grow their small businesses as well as find business mentors to help them in their entrepreneurial journey.

Visit the website and join the "All About the Business" Facebook group to get all of details and tips for small business owners.

When I tell you Yarnell Williams-Long knows her stuff...SHE KNOWS HER STUFF! She has helped business owners build their business credit, protect their business assets, and learn the ever changing rules for building a brand.

If you are looking to start a business, need to revamp your business, or need support with your business this post is for you.

Check out our interview below to learn more about Yarnell and her gift for helping others.

Follow her on Instagram @eemc_consulting or Facebook @eemcconsulting or reach out to her via Email: or Phone: 18777570885

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