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Meet Deidra Wilcher, Our Favorite Neighborhood Homegirl, NurseBAE, and Podcaster

We are still celebrating all things love this month and I figured why not close out this month’s Dope Black Woman series with another Dope Love Story. But let me back up first, I always have a story of how I meet the people I interview and this week is no different. My first time meeting Deidra Wilcher was when we were little girls growing up in our small towns of Terry and Utica, Mississippi. Both of our mothers were educators and our family also had close ties in the neighborhood community and church. You know how you see a person your whole life and somehow they become a part of your family. Yep, just like that…we are two country girls born and raised in rural Mississippi.

Anywho, time would pass on and we would grow up. We became mothers and kept connected via social media. I have watched Deidra grown from an amazing young lady into the Dope Black Woman she is today! Deidra has a real story of Black Love that shows the power of shooting your shot, manifesting the good, and putting good energy out into the world. She is living the life she prayed and waited for and it is a reminder to every Dope Black Chick to go after what you want and to be intentional with your words and practice.

Our favorite homegirl does not shy away from the hard topics or what some may view as the ratchet truth. This Dope Mom of five, Nurse, Podcaster, and Fiancé puts it all out there via her podcast The Awesome Adventures of DBest: The Saga Continues where she keeps it all the way real like only your neighborhood homegirl can. Be sure to check her out on all podcast platforms.

Deidra reminds us to focus on the present and not the past sharing with her listeners that "You’ve come such a long way! Remember the nights you used to pray for times like this? You’ve managed to balance school, busy kids, a relationship, friendships, and all the highs and lows in between. You’re a nurse and about to be a whole wife! You’ve done it and you’re still doing it. Now, it’s time to spread your story and help the masses!"

Check out our time together to learn more about Deidra, why you simply can't count her out and why she is definitely the neighborhood homegirl!

Deidra and her fiancé will be tying the know next year! Follow her journey by follow her on all of the socials!!

Instagram: D_Best

Snapchat: iampretiid

Facebook: Deidra Wilcher

LinkedIn: Deidra Wilcher

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