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Friends? How many of us have them?

So platonic love is one that doesn't get hyped as much as it should, I feel. Your ride or die's, your day 1's (or day 6,300's), the ones that are there for the wins and the losses. Yeah, not all of us have a squad, but that handful that always has your back is where it's at. (I should be a rapper or something. #namethatmovie)

Honestly I think this is my favorite kinda of love. I have some people in my soul family that help me see myself, both the good and bad, on the regular. These friends let you be completely human, and the only thing they ask for is the same in return. They will call you to the mat when you are selling yourself short, and let you know when you are dead ass wrong. Sad part is that this is also the love that we tend to abuse, and take for granted, because we expect them to always be there, thick or then. The truth is, though, our friends get sick of our shit too. (Ask Kesha.) Sometimes they need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, and we never notice because we are too busy making sure we get everything off our chest. Selfish, much?

Now I'm not saying that this closeness is for everybody. There are degrees of friendship for a reason. Not everyone needs to access the deepest darkest regions of our emotional body, and unfortunately some of us learn this the hard way. Some people are an ear to vent to just to later be a mouth to run. Also we can't expect our friends to show up for us the same way that we show up for them. Some of us just don't have the capacity. #therapy

If Covid has shown us anything, it's that we need community in its various forms. Love in its various form. We aren't meant to walk the earth alone, and with all the advances in technology, we don't have to. Remember that, yes, the phone works both ways, we shouldn't get so caught up in your own life that we forget to check on our friends.

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