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Chile, Take Your Rest

I have not one, but TWO, topics that I was going to post this week. One is legit ready to go, but I was told to check on my people, and let you know that it's ok to rest. Everything doesn't have to be done right here, right now. We typically come out guns blazing in January, and while we are capable of all the things that we want to achieve, we also need to acknowledge that slowing down and resting is a integral part of the process. So this week think about all the things that you've done in January while wearing the many hats that adorn your crown...then sit your ass down. Light a candle, turn on your favorite jams, pour whatever you drink, and chill.

Accept all the pieces of you, even the weary ones. And if you need someone to talk to, reach out to your soul family, but make sure that they have the capacity to hold space for you before you start unloading.

🎵So when you look at my face

You gotta know that I'm made of everything love and pain.

(These are the pieces of me)🎵

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