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You're Built For This

So last week, we talked about the anxiety that comes up as things begin to pile up. I've been staying on top of the things that bring me back to center, and, today it dawned on me: I asked for this.

That's the new catchphrase right, but how often do we find ourselves in the middle of that dream, so stressed about staying above the water, that we forget to look up? Everything I have, I asked for. So how could I sit here and complain or be stressed out about it?

Sitting at my desk, wondering how I will handle the schedule, work, and life. Sure, I've done it before, but never to this extent. Not to mention, growing up this is what I expected life to be like. Working mom. Multiple kids. Working husband. Meanwhile past me looking like "Ain't you got some nerve? All the praying, asking, pleading with God to shift things, and now you complaining?"

Don't get me wrong, the feelings are real, but you gotta know that if this life was meant for you to live, that you were build to live it.

We get so caught up in our feelings of inadequacy that we forget where our strength comes from. No matter how often someone reinforcing that we are doing a good job, we still find a way to second guess our place in the world. But NEWSFLASH: You the shit, boo. Every Divinely inspired idea, dream, thought you have about how to present your gifts to the world is meant to happen. Doing it scared, remember? Your light will shine and speak for itself. You have nothing to prove, but when you need to lean on someone, call in your people. They already believe in you, so they will provide the pep talk needed to get your ass in gear. Trust me, I know. Mine come through swiftly with a

and Bih, you better, too!

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