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Y'all Ain't Gone Worry (or is it Wear?) Me...

So the Olympics have started (yeah, I'm in Japan and can't go #sadness), and this week we see Simone Biles in all her magnificence say...

Like this has really struck some nerves. People out here having the audacity to think they own her. Like they were in the gym putting in the work. Dealing with what she has day in and day out for YEARS. Folks get on my nerves truly.

But let me get back on track. The more I read about her choice, and also the choice of Naomi Osaka from weeks prior, the more I think of my elders telling us young folks "Y'all ain't gone wear me." Now if you are from the south or were raised by someone from the South, you know that 'wear' sounds more like "wer". And I always thought they meant 'worry', because we country and like to cut off words. You know that rabbit holes are my jam. So here I go...

I hit up Webster 'nem (Deacon gets tickled when I say "nem") and definition #4 and #6 did it for me.

4. a: to cause to deteriorate by use

b: to impair and diminish by use or attrition : consume or waste gradually

6 to exhaust or lessen the strength of

And there it is. If "Y'all aint gone wear me" was a person, these two ladies are it. (Now if you already knew they meant wear and worry, here's a 🍪, now gone somewhere.) But let's bring it back to us commoners cause we won't typically see ourselves on the national stage with millions of people feeling entitled to our mental and physical energy. Do you know how fed up someone has to be to just walk away and say eff it?

Y'all ain't gone wear me.

When the straw finally breaks the camel's back, and they withdraw their help and allow you fall or fly.

Y'all ain't gone wear me.

To see the dishes and clothes pile up. To see the yard needing to be mowed. The trash needing to be taken out. To step over the pile of whatever the hell there is to step over.

Y'all ain't gone wear me.

Do we see them? Do we see their struggle? Do we see their angst and anxiety while they juggle the millions of things that are on their plate (most of which is usually not theirs), and also trying to make sure that they, themselves, are ok? No, we don't, because all we see is what they allow us take from them.

So before we start calling people selfish for not indulging us...

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