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Triggers…It ain’t just the kids…

So I shared how the kids have been a major trigger point recently. And while I love them I had to dig a little deeper into why it is the way it is. First off, no one tells you when you have kids that they will become just as much a source of your joy as they are your frustration.

I love them but when they send me, they really send me.

But I also know that my babies are not the sole source of my frustration either. There are other things that I get way too invested in that ultimately leave me frustrated and feeling out of whack. Sometimes it’s my spouse, being married, and the work associated with it. Sometimes it’s my actual job and feeling overwhelmed with being an advocate and helper. I discovered most recently that sometimes the trigger is super simple…noise!

Loud noises, high pitched noises, excessive noise all send me over the top. Which is crazy because my whole life I’ve been a noise maker.

That’s a wide range of things that could affect me at any given point. Honestly, too much to be worried about. So for the most part, I can only control one thing as it relates to all of these reaction to them!

Here’s what I got…

If the Kids are frustrating me … then I should take a break away from them.

If the hubby is working my nerves …then I should spend some time by myself.

If the job becomes overwhelming…then I should take a moment to step away, switch tasks, or take a wellness day!

If the noise becomes too loud…then I can take a break and step away from it all.

I am learning that I don’t have to let my triggers control me. Recognize them, address them, and recalibrate. As I am discovering what disturbs my peace, I am also discovering that I have the power to protect my peace and I am about protecting my peace at all costs!



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Carlye Artis
Carlye Artis

Way to get to the root love!!!💃🏾💃🏾

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