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Transformation/Transparency Tuesday: We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are!

The thing I love most about growing up in my era (being born in the 80’s, raised in the 90’s, teen/young adult in 2000’s) is being able to watch life transform. We went from playing Atari to PS5 Digital, from bag cellphones to Smart phones and watches, from recording cassettes off of the radio to airdropping streams. We have literally watched the world transform before our eyes and we rolled with it like it was nothing.

We have witness tragedy after tragedy, experienced terrorists attacks, the stock market crash, and a global pandemic all before 40! 😳

We are built different! It’s clear! We have watched all of these things happen and adjusted our lives accordingly. Right? So quick question…why is it so hard to adjust and pivot on what could be viewed as the small things. Changing jobs, establishing boundaries, creating our own norms and rules. We get to this space on the board and either freeze or freak out! Why though? What is keeping our thoughts from being transformative and innovative like what we have seen our entire life!

Life in a box should be so out of the ordinary for us. Yet we continue to place ourselves there. If you want to fly, you gotta spread your wings and jump. If you want to swim you have to get into the water first. What’s keeping you from taking the first step toward reaching your personal goals? The answer is easy…fear!

The real question is how long will you let fear rule you? I made the decision over a year ago to let go of fear and live the life that I want to because truthfully “we can’t become what we want by remaining what we are!”

Do the work so you can be pleased with the life that you live!



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