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The Power of Peace and going at your own pace

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

This is a reminder to go at your own pace!!! Do not get caught up thinking you have to compete with anyone or anything.

I used to think that everything had to be done in a hurry! Graduate high school early, graduate college early, get married, have a baby, build a business, get more stuff, do more things. Running here, there, and everywhere. It took a while to realize that I was running all of the time and getting nowhere.

Just running and running and burning myself out. Checking off a never-ending to do list but not enjoying life or soaking up any of the beauty of it. It took completely being clotheslined and laying flat on my back for over a month to realize that at the end of the day you can run all you want but if you don’t have peace it’s all for nothing!

I had a lot of days to think about my purpose and the journey that I am on. A recurring theme surfaced and the question was so loud “what is more important than your peace?” The answer for me is nothing!

Nothing is more important than my peace and I want nothing more than to lead and live a meaningful life. I don’t need more stuff. I am bursting at the seams with stuff. I want to own my time. I want the peace that comes from knowing you’ve done what you do well and that you’ve left it all on the field. I crave the peace of knowing I am building a strong foundation with my husband and for my family.

I love the peace that has come from just being me. It took way too long to get here. All the while I was running a sprint and becoming exhausted not realizing that life is a marathon. Now that I know better I take breaks and rejuvenate. I rest well and get back in when I need to. Once I found peace, I also found Joy! I’ll talk about that next week.

Remember, you are your only competition and your success should only be measured by the standards that you set for yourself. Don’t get burn out trying to run a race that doesn’t exist.

Protect your peace at all costs!



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