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Meet Nikki Parker Saint-vil, CEO of Sheeann Candles

Y'all know I love meeting people and this next Dope Black Businesswoman is no different. Nikki Parker Saint-Vil is a South Florida native who grew up in the West Palm Beach/Riviera Beach area.

During our interview Nikki shared how her love for candles helped spark her interest in candle making and how she is manifesting a life that she knew could exist as a small business owner.

Sheeann candles are all handmade poured with perfection love in small batches Nikki uses Soy wax to create the best and safest product that can be made from soy beans The use of lead free wicks allows for continuous burning of her clean scents.

We love to make signature scents for our custom in our candles. I also like to bring out my creative side when I get asked to make something special (like look what I made lol)

Nikki feels like candles set the tone and mood to any home in any setting. I really just like the clean and natural feel. I want everyone to enjoy a great candle from Sheeann Candle and just vibe and relax .

Check out my interview with Nikki and learn more about her Dope Black Business and how you can grab some of the amazing candles! Y'all, I have never burned a candle so smooth and calming. Sheeann candles are carefully handcrafted to perfection with love and passion. These candles are tested with every batch and each scent is carefully chosen creating nontoxic candles that are made with soy wax and phthalate free oils. Now you can enjoy mellow, vibrant smells throughout your home. Grab yourself some Sheeann and follow her on Instagram @sheeanncandles

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