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Meet Kathy Perkins, Event Planner and CEO of Elegant Events

Summer 2021 was a whirlwind, but one of the major highlights was in the midst of my struggle. I attended the wedding of my cousin-in-law Marvin and his new bride Cicely. I have been to and participated in a lot of weddings but this one was different. The whole energy and vibe from the very beginning was...well...ELEGANT!

I attended the wedding in a wheelchair because I was still suffering from the side effects of vestibular neuritis which left me immobile the entire month of June. My husband was a groomsmen in the wedding and I attended as his plus one. As a plus one, I didn't expect anyone to roll out the red carpet for me or even consider me needing accommodations because of my physical state at the time. But when I tell you the entire wedding party and the event coordinator/planner were beyond accommodating which led me to wonder...who is the person behind this beautiful event? I was determined to meet her and when I did I was blown away.

If sunshine was a person, it would be Kathy!

Kathy Perkins, a Mississippi transplant from Chicago, Illinois and a proud JSU Alumni was responsible for the down home southern bred hospitality that emanated the wedding venue and entire wedding weekend. Kathy is the CEO of Elegant Events, which is a full service coordinating, design and decorating company that provides premier event design and decorating for weddings, parties, showers and corporate events. Her warm and welcoming smile and demeanor are a perfect match to the gifts and talents that she has for event coordinating and decorating.

What started out as a hobby is transforming into a brand!

iamMichelleRena: How did you get started with the creation of your brand?

Kathy: Event planning/decorating has been a hobby of mine for years. I have decorated for my children, family and church. I never really considered myself a decorator; I was just doing what I loved. I have always been a little extra, so most of my events were over the top. I had no idea that my talent intrigued others. I was approached a few times about doing events, but I declined. I am very passionate and detailed when it comes to event planning and decorating. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, which is one of the reasons I would decline jobs. I was afraid that my strengths would become my weakness. My coworker asked me to coordinate and decorate her sister's wedding. Immediately, I decline, I did not think I was ready to jump into this business. She reminded me of my talent and encouraged me to trust God and take a leap of faith. I am a women of faith but I was unsure about jumping into business. After a self-evaluation and much prayer, I agreed to do the wedding and that's when it all began. I coordinated and decorated two wedding and several small events prior to her sister's wedding. I thank God for Brandi, it was her encouragement and confidence in me that initiated my courage and faith to start this business. I believe that God put people in your life for a reason. Who knows who you will need to get his will done. For this I am grateful!

iamMichelleRena: What is your brand's mission statement?

Kathy: Our mission is to provide our clients with stress free coordinating and design while creating their Elegant Event. We understand that every event will not be elegant, however, our goal is to give the people what they want with just a little extra.

iamMichelleRena: How does your brand impact the African American community?

Kathy: For so long African- American entrepreneurship seemed out of reach. I hope to be an example to my girls as well as my community. Our community needs to see more of us winning. I hope the change the narrative in our communities.

Kathy Perkins is Black Girl Magic personified and this interview took me to a whole different level of appreciation for the process. I hope that you can find your purpose in her sharing her journey! Check out our full interview below and catch all of this Dope Black Woman Energy Kathy is serving!

iamMichelleRena: How can those interested contact you for your services?

Kathy: Those interested in my services can contact me directly at 601-497-4522 or email at Instagram- eleganteventsbyk

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