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Meet Janice Daphne, Author of Divorce: The New Little Black Book

Last week I highlighted a Dope Black Woman working to preserve Black families, but this week I am highlighting another Dope Black Woman who is working to restore women who are going through or have gone through divorce. We know that divorce is a real thing and there are many who experience it. While we would love to keep every family together, sometimes that is just not what is in the best interest of the people involved and if it happens there should be a space for women to heal from it... meet Janice Dapne, author of Divorce: The New Little Black Book.

First let me start out by thanking my soul brother Morana St.Hilaire for connecting me with this beautiful and extremely talented, Dope Black Author! Janice Daphne is from Cape Town, South Africa now living in Boynton Beach, FL. Her brand, "Just Dialogue" is on a mission to create a place of refuge, resource and resilience for women. A society of strong, successful and savvy women coming together to rebuild their lives, finding hope and faith in the aftermath of divorce.

Janice helps coach women through the aftermath of divorce. They cover necessary topics like, co parenting, forgiveness, career building, dating, health and wellness to name a few she went through her own divorce 11 years ago. Janice found herself looking for a community of women to help guide her through it. Someone that was on the side, thriving. After turning to her church at the time and sadly not finding the comfort or empathy there. She decided at that moment that when she got through it that she would create that community of women because no woman/ mother should have to go through that battle alone again. It is essential to create a space for women to come together and create that village it takes to raise children. Women supporting other hurting women and thriving together, raising resilient children.

According to Janice, "Divorce has its own love language. So many individuals especially women are not aware of this dirty little secret. We are mostly aware of the emotional rollercoaster ride the process of divorce takes one on. This book offers a powerful practical approach to the process of divorce and setting up your financial blue print for divorce right in beginning when those gut wrenching words have been uttered. I want a divorce. It especially favors the spouse that is at the financial disadvantage who has just been rendered paralyzed by your worse fear becoming a reality, your spouse has just walked out. They have a plan and you are a deer in the headlights. You have no clue where to start or how to start navigating this process of divorce. The author offers a practical guide, humorous at times other times straight laced raw emotion based on personal accounts of what her process was like as well as that of many women she has successfully coached during their process. It’s like a checklist of early navigation in this process and help in answering that epic question, I’m divorced now what?"

Janice's book, Divorce: The New Little Black Book is available for purchase on Amazon. For those interested in becoming a part of the "Divorce and the single mom" community, you can email Janice at for more information. The group meets via WebEx so it’s not limited to Florida moms only. She is also currently leading a group from South Africa too. Each group runs for 8 weeks.

Janice shared this beautiful South African saying with me and I would be "Ubuntu-- I am because we are!" How powerful is it to know that as a community we contribute to one another in such a way! Follow her Just Dialogue page on Instagram.

Check out our chat below and learn more about why Janice has turned her experience into one that supports the healing of others.

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