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Meet Dr. Linda Holloway, Professor, Self Published Children's Book Author, and Story Activist

Y'all know I love meeting new people and Miss Linda, as I like to call her, is no different. This Dope Black Woman completely rejuvenated my spirit when I was truly reconsidering my calling. When Miss Linda reached out to me over the holiday break and asked me if I was interested in interviewing her there was no way I could turn her down. But little did I know, she would be the one who changed my life and help me regain focus on my purpose. As a Story activist, Dr. Linda Holloway (put some respect on her name) wanted to create safe and brave places for children to have opportunities to speak about subjects they might otherwise find challenging to talk about. This would come while simultaneously educating, elevating, and empowering children to be the best that God almighty has created them to be.

Dr. Holloway is a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, retired veteran, poet, story activist, and associate professor in the field of Counselor Education at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama. Hailing from the great state of Mississippi, an all black town in the delta called Mound Bayou, Mississippi.

Her inspiration to start writing children's books blossomed from the many articles she had the pleasure of publishing concerning black women and mental wellness. But as she was creating and publishing these articles concerning black women, she reflected on the fact these black women were once young girls. So, she wanted to start conversations by creating safe and brave spaces to allow young black children to start having conversations concerning various issues directly impacting the Black community. What better way to do this than using a children's book.

This birthed the creation of her inner voice as a character " Little Miss Linda." She wanted more than a story where she just simply discussed the issues. She wanted to have solutions. Needless to say, as she began reading the stories to children she decided she wanted more than just to be a storyteller but a 'story activist', one who created a platform to give a voice to the marginalized, and oppressed people where they are actually winning. In short, they are not just surviving but they are thriving where they literally have taken their social issues and turned them into community outreach projects.

I love My Happy Hair is her debut children's book about a young girl aka " Little Miss Linda" who starts off not liking her hair but by the end of the story, with her mother's help, Little Miss Linda learns to love her hair and the way it grows out of her head. She then began to teach others to love their hair also.

You can check out more books from Dr. Holloway here at her Amazon author's page. In the meantime check out my interview with her and learn even more about this amazing and truly Dope Black Women who is sparking change, growth, and self-love in Black women of all ages.

Check out her Accolades and clap it up for this Dope Black Woman!


  • Post-Doc: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

  • Ed.D., Counselor Education-Clinical Mental Health Counseling, minor in Sociology and Criminology (Race and Relationships), Mississippi State University

  • M.A., Sociology, (concentration-Alcohol/Drugs and Counseling), Jackson State University

  • B.S., Psychology, Alcorn State University

  • Dr. Linda J.M. Holloway currently serves as the Program Coordinator at Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama. Her research interest is Black Women and Emotional Wellness. She has been teaching for over 27 years in higher education.

  • Her teaching philosophy is "Classrooms Without Walls,” where she advocates for counselors in training on social justice and multicultural issues in applying them to real world events.

  • Additionally, Dr. Holloway is a story activist and has published five children's books: (1) I love My Happy Hair 2021-New York Big City Book Distinguish Award (4 Stars Review From Readers Favorite-2021), (2) Little Miss Linda Goes To Counseling 2021 New York Big Book Award (Five Stars Review From Readers’ Favorite-2021), and (3) Little Miss Linda Speaks Out About Sickle Cell, 2020 Moonbeam Children’s Award (Five Stars Review From Readers’Favorite-2021). (4) Little Miss Linda Speaks About Rape and (5) Little Miss Linda Speaks About Diversity (Five Stars Review From Readers’Favorite-2021).

  • Dr. Holloway is a true servant leader who lives her life by the motto, "Always willing to serve." She retired from the United States Army Reserves as a Colonel after serving over 27 years. During which she completed four combat tours: (1) Operation Desert Shield Desert Storm Farewell (2) Two Tours to Iraq- Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), and (3) Operation Enduring Freedom- Afghanistan.

  • During Dr. Holloway's spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, read, travel, go to the movies, and exercise. Her philosophy on life is "Dream Your Own Dreams." She is building her legacy through own personal ministry- Women Without Limitations, where she educates, elevates, and empowers women and girls by teaching them there are no limits to what God almighty can do with your life.

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I love the Little Miss. Linda books! Thanks so much for sharing this interview and letting us get to know you!


Henrietta Craft
Henrietta Craft
Feb 23, 2022

Dr Holloway thanks for sharing your interview. It was a great interview. I like the way you gave in depth information about Miss Linda . You have really inspired me to go ahead and finish writing my books . Keep up the good work.

Replying to


Excellent interview & creative work with your books. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, Dr. Holloway. It is an honor and privilege to work with you. Continue to be a trail blazer!


Shawantha Thomas
Shawantha Thomas
Feb 22, 2022


Dr. Holloway is a very unique talent. I purchased I Love My Happy Hair for my daughte, and it has inspired my 12 year old to become a very happy and confident little girl whom I hope will become just as DOPE as she can possibly be.


Feb 21, 2022

Dr. Holloway is a wonderful story telling activist. It is one of her many talents! I have read all of her books and one of my favorites is "I love my happy hair". I have purchased this book for several nieces in my family. Linda is a multi talented woman who loves God and definitely loves his people. I eagerly await her next body of work. Keep spreading that "Black Girl Magic"...we love you!❤️

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