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Meet Demetrius Dorn of A'Dorn Scrubs & More

Every woman has a story and honestly the more I interview these amazing DOPE Black Women the more intrigued I become with learning the why behind the work! Each interview is an honor to complete and this one is no different. Meet Demetrius "DeeDee" Dorn, certified surgical technician and entrepreneur. DeeDee is a native of Rockledge, Florida now living in Atlanta, Georgia. She began a new venture that has allowed her to launch an online store for scrubs, lab coats and more. A'Dorn Scrubs & More offers a variety of colors and sizes ranging from Petite, Plus, Tall, Men, and Maternity Wear. The Scrubs are comfy, stretchy, durable and high quality.

Dee has been a Certified Surgical Technician for 22+Yrs and truly understands the long hours spent wearing scrubs so why not be comfy while looking professional. Her ultimate goal is just to give back to her community.

A'Dorn Scrubs and More has a mission is to provide comfy, stylish, high quality, durable scrubs to all professionals needed globally with efficient and reliable customer service.

DeeDee has survived and overcome soo many obstacles in life that were sent to destroy her spirit and energy, from being homeless to the death of her daughter. Through it all, she's never lost her faith. Even when she didn't see the bigger picture, she knew it was there. Positive thoughts control every aspect of her life. She will believe until she receives, and even after that, she'll still keep striving and claiming victory.

From tragedy to triumph, DeeDee never lost her faith and has taken the reigns on ensuring that her strength forged a path of success. Her mantra of "keep going" is what has kept her motivated to meet her goals and be an example for her daughter. You truly never know what people have overcome and the world that they have created through their experiences.

"Everything starts in your mind! You have to start every day with positivity and focus on good energy!" -DeeDee Dorn

I am so appreciative of the women who allow me to share their journey and their entrepreneurial journeys. Y'all go check out A'Dorn Scrubs & More right now! This whole interview was a ministry y'all! Check it out and support this Dope Black Woman and grab yourself some comfy, cute scrubs from and follow DeeDee on social media.

Facebook: A'Dorn Scrubs & More or DeeDeeDorn

Instagram: @adornscrubs

Check out her daughter Jade Ashley

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