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Meet Atoya Follins, Author, Mom, Wife, and Creator of "The Work, Then Werk Movement"

Have you thought about the dash that will be your legacy? I know this is a question that has become a part of my daily wonderings. Well Atoya Follins, has found new ways to motivate women to uncover and truly activate their purpose.

Atoya Follins is a native of Starkville, MS and graduate of Mississippi State University currently residing in Louisiana. Her brand "The Work Then Werk Movement" was born out her love for fitness. As a BeachBody coach she would host online fitness groups and the hashtag #workthenwerk was birthed. She would use the hashtag to encourage her participants to do the work now then celebrate (werk) later.

Atoya says her mission is "to see women operating in their full potential, walking in their God-given purpose, and truly loving their life -- not just living!"

As an extension of her brand, Atoya became a an author. Her book "Girl you have purpose" covers an area that many of us missed out on in our youth. In her book, "Girl, You Have Purpose," Atoya Follins peels back the layers of confusion that are hindering you from getting the clarity you need to discover your life’s divine assignment, identify your unique gift, and immediately align with your destiny. Her book is designed to help you uncover the secret sauce to living a more fulfilling and purpose driven life, how to not only speak, but to receive your affirmations, how to transform your mindset to work for you and not against you, and positive self talk exercises that will lead to discovery of purpose.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Atoya about the work that she is doing to help women like me discover our purpose and was truly blown away at the amount of passion and her overall genuine spirit for inspiring Black women. Atoya is a Dope Black Woman, Wife, Mother, Author, and Influencer. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook and visit her website for more information about her book, booking, and upcoming events.

Check out our full length interview below:

Sis, are you ready to discover your purpose?

Be sure to register for her "Slaying Self-Doubt" event coming up this Sunday, September 6th. Register here.

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