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Meet Advocate, Survivor, Author, Executive Director, and Motivational Speaker: Mavis A. Creagh

I always enjoy catching up with old friends and classmates. Each time I learn something I didn't know and find a new found love for the people I interview. It is amazing to watch people grow and evolve and even more powerful to see their evolution when they are impacting others. This time was no different. Meet advocate, survivor, inspirational leader, motivational speaker, mentor, mother, entrepreneur & bestselling author, Mavis A. Creagh. Mavis is a native and resident of Hattiesburg, MS and a proud Mississippi State University Alumni (Geaux Dawgs).

Mavis is the Executive Director of R3SM (Recover Rebuild Restore Southeast Mississippi) and the visionary behind We Women Ministries, LLC. R3SM: Provides Long Term Recovery Assistance for Communities Affected By Natural Disasters. Currently we cover over 10 Counties in South MS. R3SM (Nonprofit)-Started following Hurricane Katrina. R3SM-To help Mississippi Pine Belt’s most vulnerable RECOVER from natural disasters, substandard housing, economic crisis, and toxic effects of chronic poverty, REBUILD their homes, communities and lives, and RESTORE financial stability, dignity and hope. R3SM works in communities that are often times majority African American. Many of the families impacted are low to moderate income, have a disability, or have minor children in the household. By restoring their houses and communities lives are changed now and for generations to come.

We Women Ministries : Bridging the gap between women of all backgrounds. We Women Ministries-Started this year after being inspired by other Women Business Owners. We Women Ministries-We are a Faith-Based organization that Assesses, Plans, Links, Advocates, and Mentors Women of multiple ethnicity and cultures by assisting spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. Our Deepest Belief is that all Women should be Given a Voice and Deserve to Be Respected. We Women Ministries-Bridges the gap between women of different backgrounds. We are looking at starting a mentor ship program in October to partner African- American Women who want to better their lives to have accountability and support to move forward in their development. Also, we partner with youth programs, mental health agendas, and additional community projects that need support with resources and outreach.

Mavis is a motivational speaker and has expertise with nonprofit management/ development. She recently became a contributing author in her first book project for the recently released; "Trailblazers Who Lead" where she discusses "Triumph Over Tragedy" and will be a part of another anthology "Courageous Enough to Launch" with Visionary Dr. Cheryl Wood where she will discuss "Purpose Through the Pain" that is scheduled to be released later this month! Two more book projects are scheduled for this year as well. You can catch Mavis speaking during the Comeback Challenge Summit on Purpose in October and as an Ambassador for Success Women's Conference one of the largest Women's Conferences nationally.

Check out my interview with this Dope Black Woman and learn how she is extending her talents to help women who want to pursue similar dreams through mentorship.

Facebook Instagram-mavisaloves, LinkedIn-MavisCreagh

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