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Mask off...

So not literally, cause it's still a pandemic in these streets 😷.

The above IG post landed on my screen after a conversation about why I'm afraid to show up as my authentic self. People throw the word authentic around, but I don't know if people actually stopped to ponder the definition. Webster nem had a few definitions, but I took just one:

'True to one's own personality, spirit, or character. '

We cheer and 'yaasssss' our friends and family when they post about living authentically, but how do you get to the point of taking the mask off? You know the one. You put it on depending on the mood someone else is in. Or depending on where you are. Or what SM platform you are posting on. And, no, I'm not taking multi-faceted because 'turnt' you might not be the right vibe at work. But hey you may work somewhere, that it is. When you have a big personality, a generous spirit, and/or upstanding character, you tend to ruffle feathers. And not in a good way a lot of the time.

Fear creates the mask for most of us. Think back to the first time you decided to be yourself. I'm talking Diane Ross "I'm coming out" yourself. Who stomped the fire out? Made you feel like who you were didn't have a place in this world? Yeah, shit's ugly, but it gives us a glimpse into why we are the way we are. The mask keeps us safe, so as children we put it on to fit in. To not stand out. To stand safe. But as adults, we should always strive to dwell in a safe space. We should never be forced into a position where we have to be anything other than ourselves. Easier said than done when you've created spaces while wearing the mask.

So we slowly take the mask down and now we 'acting funny' when, truth be told, the previous persona was the act. They wouldn't know that, of course, because 'we' didn't show up until just now. Meanwhile we've upset the balance, and the house of cards falls. Or does it? Fear, remember? Are we strong enough to deal with the loss and grieve all the things that could potentially go? Or do we keep living the lie to maintain the peace and the dream that we are so often told to seek?

These answers are highly personal, and as scared as we may be, we also know that we weren't meant to walk this earth as anything less than ourselves wholly and Divinely made. When you are ready to take the mask off, make sure that you have the support in place, both on the physical plane and the spiritual plane, because as you revealed yourself, so will others. 💖

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1 Comment

Mar 25, 2021

That’s all that I can say! You just told a truth that so many of us can’t handle.

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