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Let’s be honest…sometimes you have to be your own hype woman!

So I’m sitting here reading my sisterfriend, Atoya Follins book “Girl, You Have Purpose“ and getting the much needed reminder and gentle chin check that every girl boss needs.

As I’ve been reading this gem, I am reminded that my value and worth are not dependent on someone else’s affirmation. You often have to affirm yourself! Especially when you are on a road to self discovery and attempting to manifest the life you desire. You know what you can do and what gifts you possess that are just for you.

We have to stop waiting for others to be our cheerleaders and do it for ourselves. That’s not to say that we won’t have others that affirm us. Many of us will, but like Atoya writes “in certain seasons of your life sis, you will be your only cheerleader!”

And guess what…THAT IS JUST FINE!!!

You just make sure you are your biggest and loudest fan! Hype yourself up and be the best to do whatever it is that you do!

Thanks Atoya for these gems hunni! If you haven’t gotten a copy of her book yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting on. Grab yours now at

Have an amazing weekend and by all means protect your energy and protect your peace!



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