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Keeping it Real...but for real this go round

There seems to be an emerging trend. Women are being honest about life sucking sometimes.

It's getting easier to say 'Today. In this present moment. This shit is for the birds'. No pretenses. No keeping up appearances. No lying to look good on the outside when we are literally hanging on by a thread on the inside.

We are talking about all of it. Parenting, marriage, working, stay at home, working from home, showing up in our platonic relationships, living lives with goals and hopes and dreams knowing that it may be a while before we can give them our full attention, whether or not insurance will cover a prebaby body. ALL OF IT!!!

It is a breath of fresh air. Too many times we sit in our homes thinking we are the only one. That something is wrong with us for feeling the way we do. That we should 'count our blessings.' Alone in what we see as a prison of our own doing. So we turn to less than healthy habits to push through. Alcohol, drug use, and my personal favorite, food. Particularly sugar in all its glorious forms. And that leads to weight gain, and OMG, we've all been there. It's a neverending cycle of inadequacy and self sabotage.

We aren't limiting this newfound freedom of expression to phone calls and text messages either. We are posting. Live and in living color for the world to see. "Today was hard." And our sisters in arms are there to commiserate and offer both a listening ear and practical ways to rearrange our lives to avoid losing our shit on the regular.

My hope in all this is that we no longer walk through the world with rose colored glasses. That we walk into situations with our eyes wide open because we have people who have walked the road before us and can't give us a little perspective even though our journeys aren't be identical. So that we no longer say, "I didn't think it was going to be this hard." Yeah, you had an inkling...and did it anyway. LOL But now that you're here, pull up a chair and pour up a glass, 'cause we're here to help each other navigate this rollercoaster called life. Raw. Real. Uncut.

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