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I survived…

Riding to work listening to trap music!!

So yesterday I went back to my work location for the first time after working remote for 14 months. The anticipation of returning set my anxiety and depression at an all time high! 🥺🥺 I did not want to go back. I had finally gotten into a good groove of balancing home, work, family, fitness, and business. Even managed dealing with the toddler everyday for a year while working like a champ!

It was hard but after a year, I finally got into the groove with a schedule that worked and formed an amazing routine. My productivity was up and my anxiety was down tremendously.

Then boom…it was like as soon as I got myself into a good routine it all changed and if you know anything about anxiety then you know that unexpected change and fear of the unknown are major triggers! Cue all of the mayhem! 😩🤦🏽‍♀️

My brain and body went into overdrive worrying about the unknown and the what-ifs! It became easier to just shut down because trying to figure it out was exhausting. The closer it got to the day the more my heart would pound in anguish. Then I get here and just as I am beginning to settle in…the fire alarm goes off and we are outside standing for an hour…an hour in the hot South Florida sun y’all! 😩😩😩

Making the best of a hot situation!

I felt like every fast ball that could be thrown was thrown. But I survived it, even though I wasn’t 100% sure I would! I survived the first day of commuting in over a year with a shitload of traffic and construction! I survived a fire alarm blaring and standing in the heat for an hour while they figured it out! I am surviving the change back to a previous routine even though I am still working out the kinks. I wasn't sure I would make it but I did. Everything always feels hard when you are anticipating doing it but I can do hard things.

Let this be motivation for you when you’re not quite sure if you can…TRUST ME…YOU CAN!



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1 Comment

Carlye Artis
Carlye Artis
May 18, 2021

Love it! You will continue to make it through!!

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