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I AM every woman...but do I want to be?

So last week during the IG Live (if you missed it, you missed out), my friend Ashley said "I'm every woman, it's all in me." We all know the song, Chaka the OG, and Whitney with the revamp. It's so tempting, but the more I think about it, what if I don't want to be every woman? Who am I trying to prove something to? How healthy is it to even attempt to be every woman? Yeah, I know it's just a saying, but we as women take it to heart. We are basically told to be vixen, employee of the month, stepford wife, sister, bestie, shoulder to cry on, mama, chauffer, secretary, chef, maid, project manager (Have I made my point, yet?) until we reach exhaustion. I know that certain aspects of motherhood, marriage, and life in general create a level of stress in me that ain't cute at all.

Social media has us out here losing our minds and our edges. One of the things I've learned on this journey is that my life doesn't have to look like that of a friend or random stranger on the internet. The urge to be great at everything all at once is killing us while the world watches our descent into madness...

So, yeah...nah. Balance is a thing, and your mental health and happiness is of the utmost importance. Moreso than any social conditioning that has been put in place to make us feel worthy of whatever "virtue" there is in martyrdom. Only to be vilified when we've had enough.

So, honey, hire that nanny, cleaning service, order take out, or whatever you need to shift some of shit off your plate. Make room in your life to be and not do all the damn time. The need for authentic relationship is real. We have to stop letting each other drown in the sea of life. Throw your sister (and brother) a lifeline. It's hard af out here in these streets. Some times you just need someone to be like

And once you rearranged your life to suit your needs, take a second to forgive yourself for all the times you felt less than because you dropped the ball on a school project for the kids, forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, didn't take the meat out the freezer, or ain't "in the mood." You are enough on every day in every way. Love you! 😘

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Mar 11, 2021


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