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Friday Finds

Family, whew. My chest could burst from all the love and support over the last 48 hours. The anxiety that I felt from the initial request to do the interview up until the first blog posted has been triggering. It was like I was that same little girl at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Silver Creek Mississippi who felt she couldn't sing as well as someone else, didn't know her speech as good, or had to get up and direct a choir in front of everybody. That feeling of never being good enough. Stomach doing flips, heart pounding. But then she heard, 'That's alright, Mon', and everything was better.

Typically on Fridays, I share a collection of posts that have impacted me in some way across the week on Instagram and Facebook. I decided to bring that to this space as well. I hope that you find joy, love, courage, comfort, solace, and whatever else you need from these as your week comes to a close. The content originators will always be in the photos, so that you can find them on IG and follow if you so choose. They always have something to say that will cause you to think about the impact you are making in the world.

I love yall. Like for real. Bigger, indeed. 💖

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