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Fear is keeping you from being the best version of yourself

So I have been working on overcoming my fears for a while. Honestly it’s a daily goal to not let fear keep me from doing the things I so desire.

Ciara shared some really powerful words here in short she says, “if you want to maximize life, you must first maximize who you are in your life.“

That’s it!

Fear is a crippling agent. It will have your mind thinking that you can’t do things that actually come naturally to you. It will have you believing that you only deserve the bare minimum or the leftovers when you deserve it all. Fear will have you settling for less when you should have the most. This is in every single facet of life. A lot of the things that you want haven’t manifested yet because you haven’t asked for it. You haven’t called it by name. I am a living witness that you have to go for what you want. Call out the things that you desire and put your faith into action and when you do you are moving out of the way for God to the very thing that asked to be done.

And God will be like...

When you don’t go after what you want you’re telling the enemy that you don’t think your faith is big enough to handle your request which essentially sends the message that your God isn’t big enough to handle the task and we both know that ain’t it.

This is a reminder to just jump. Apply for that job. Take that class. Start that routine. Shoot that shot. Post that post and wear that outfit. Whether it is a big or small thing it is your thing and you should just do it. You’re amazing as it is and quite honestly it never hurt to try something new. You’ve got this! You can't fail or succeed if you don't try!

Sooo Queen...What bold new thing are you trying this month?



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