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Dream Without Fear

Someone said "sometimes you just have to do it scared" and honestly for me that couldn’t be truer. A lot of times we are so hyper focused on what might go wrong that we completely neglect to factor in what would happen if everything went right.

We prep ourselves for the sorrow but we never think about the joy. I know this to be true because I am so guilty of doing this so much it becomes tortuorous.

Here’s the thing…you can think about both. You can factor in the pros and the cons. You can have wildly audacious dreams and also guard your heart from disappointment. That’s the power of duality. Mon and I talk about this all the time. Two things can be true and exist at the same time. You can be scared and driven. You can have a plan and proceed on a whim. You can be liberal and conservative in your approach. We are too complex to operate in the singular.

The lesson in duality is that one force must be the driving force. When you’re thinking about Faith vs. Fear which one is your driving force? My answer is which ever is ensuring that my dreams can be realized. Sometimes fear can be a motivator and other times you have to rely on your faith to get you to the end goal.

Today as you go about your day, exercise autonomy over your decisions and how they drive everything that you do going forward! Faith over fear!

We are dreaming big over here and not allowing fear to minimize our desires! Scared dreams don’t make good realities! I am not sure how many successful women have a story that is riddled with them only following the voice of fear. At some point, you have to tell fear to fall back because faith is in control.

You've got this...whatever this is...YOU GOT IT!



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