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Do you booboo…

I say this all of the time but I still find myself hesitating when it’s time to do what’s best for me. Whether it is walking away to avoid becoming frustrated or simply making the conscious effort to establish and protect a boundary. I really have a hard time doing me! 🤦🏽‍♀️

Why though? Because deep down I still don’t want to disappoint or let down anyone! But guess who I’m consistently letting down? Me! So this is a reminder to do you! Forget worrying if you’re going to disappoint someone else. You matter most because if you’re not happy you can’t truly be of good service to anyone else.

Sometimes it’s hard doing what makes you haply because you’re not really sure what that looks like. Honestly, that’s ok. It takes time to get to know who you are and what you like if your whole life you’ve been force fed a more palatable version of who you should be. Take time to get to know what makes you happiest and do you booboo! This life is a marathon not a sprint! There’s no prize for getting anywhere faster than the next. The journey is yours to enjoy, learn, and grow through.



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