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Day 4 of Gratitude -- Grace

Today I am grateful for GRACE! The ability to give it and the ability to receive it have proven to be monumental in my own growth. I know that things will not always work out as I see fit, but they will work out. Because all things work the good of those whom love the Lord!

There are times when I feel like things are at the brink of destruction and then I remember "oh but for GRACE" and I am freed from worrying.

I try to pattern my life and posture in one that is indicative of grace. I am not owed grace, so I am especially grateful when it is extended to me and strive to do the same for others. There have been times when I didn't know how or when things were going to workout and because (I believe) my posture was one of GRACE... comes an unexpected blessing! Some will liken that to being a financial blessing, sometimes yeah, but mostly no. My unexpected blessings have come in the form of peace, compassion, favor, mercy, and affirmation.

Sometimes we can't see the Grace that has been extended because we are looking for it to be packaged differently. Take it from me...take a few moments to look around and assess where you were a year or two ago and understand that you are quite likely in the midst or on the brink of something that you prayed for a while ago. Now you have been given the grace to see it through and enjoy it.

What are you grateful/thankful for today?



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