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So now we talking about romantic love. The kind they make movies about. You know. Boy meets girl, macks up girl, she falls head over heels, and they ride off into marital bliss. 20s were full of foolishness like this.

Romantic love is so complex. This love is tricky, and will have you out here wildin'. It isn't all rainbows. There is a lot of damn rain. (Can't you stand it?) Can I love more than one person? If I do, what does that mean? Can our needs truly be met by one person? Do I really have to love someone "flaws and all?" Can I truly be myself with them, and if I can't do I stay?

We are allowed to have boundaries and lines in the sand. The other person(s) is allowed to walk if they don't agree with said boundaries and lines in the sand. And no...we are not allowed to get in our feelings about it. I mean we can, but what's the point? We don't own each other, so as we evolve and our needs change, the other person(s) is well within their rights to decide if they can live with the changes.

And most of the time, they can and do stick by us. You find your person(s), and you walk through the ups and downs of life together. Sometimes, though, the changes are too much, and they gotta go. No love lost, lots of love lost, or somewhere in between. That's where last week's topic comes in. We gotta be ok on our own as our relationships go through the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows. Because the ebbs can get ugly, but the flows can be so beautiful.

All that said, if you choose to embark on the rollercoaster, make sure you are with people you feel comfortable with. That you can bear your soul to. That sees the magic in the night sky and thinks of the magic that is you. That craves you when you aren't around, and you them. That feels good to your soul. That's the kinda of romantic love we need more of, in whatever form you decide, because it ain't always the traditional way.

"Do you see me? My hopes, my dreams, my fears. Are you able to hold me both physically and emotionally? Are you down for the wild ride that is me? If you are, make sure to proceed with caution."

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